Operation Finance and FP&A (Intern)

Location: Shanghai, China

This position contains workload of both operation finance and FP&A; it’s a support to help EMSI finance manager handle both operational and financial tasks, assisting finance manager in recognizing sales, issuing invoice, payment request, SG&A control, financial plan and forecast, booking tracking, etc. This position is also responsible for bidding coordination of south and north region, contract filing and management and other operation process.


Key Job Requirements:

  1. Performed annual plan and monthly rolling forecast based on fully understanding of business and effective communication; analyzed gap between actual and forecast to improve management efficiency.
  2. Evaluated regional performance from different points of view: booking, regional P&L, AR collection, BCIP aging, WIP turnover, pipeline, new business growth, etc.
  3. Support in both internal management meeting and Asia plan and forecast review, preparing power point slides and data analysis to the management.
  4. Assisted in regular control process, e.g. seal management, contract documentation, invoice issuing, sales recognition, payment request, MER preview, quarterly control reports to CCS controller team, ACA review and control system maintenance, etc.

Key Qualifications:

  • Excellent communication skill and time management capability.
  • Very good command of HFM, Excel and PowerPoint.  

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