Leatop Plaza

Leatop Plaza is located at the north entrance of CBD, Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town. It is a 303-meter-high super-grade office building constructed in accordance with the international prevailing criteria, with five (5) basement floors and fifty-eight (58) floors above the ground. Leatop Plaza has become a superior top-level office property at international level in South China.


EMSI provided LEED consulting service for this project and offered professional green strategies listed below:




VAV central air-conditioning system: With variable air volume control and automatic control of indoor air flow and carbon dioxide concentration, the system is energy-efficient and provides comfort. It saves up to 30% energy as compared with conventional fresh air air-conditioning system.


Sun-shading energy efficient systems: The first sun-shading system combining external vertical fritted glass and internal louvers in the world, which can effectively block light exposure, reduce indoor natural temperature and dramatically reduce power consumption of central air conditioning system.


Energy-saving LED systems: Facade lighting is realized through the energy efficient LED lights which significantly reduce power consumption as compared with conventional light sources.



Air conditioning waste heat recovery technology: Air-conditioning ventilation with heat recovery gadget recovers partial energy and the result of energy conservation and emission reduction is remarkable.


Intelligent management system: Smart energy management system ensures on-line automatic control of all energy conservation systems to reduce overall energy use of the building and make Leatop Plaza become a real intelligent building.