A.Raymond Zhenjiang Greenfield

A.Raymond Zhenjiang Greenfield Project has been designed according to the sustainable principles of Smart Growth and Green Building Design with consideration of balancing social, environmental and economic benefits. Sustainable Strategies adapted in this project and Green Strategy of ARaymond Building Design is listed as follow:

Reducing Heat Island Effect

Reducing Potable Water Consumption

Managing Refrigerants to Eliminate CFCs

Managing Air Contaminants

Excellent Energy Performance




"LEED provides a powerful tool toward green buildings, but it is more of an agent for life change. USGBC works closely with ARaymond to help more staff participate in green building and more employees get involved in the green decision making process” Nellie Cheng, USGBC Global Marketing Director said at ARaymond Awarding Ceremony

EMSI provided LEED consulting service for the office, helping it successfully get the LEED NC Gold certification.