SKF Dalian Factory II

SKF Dalian Factory is the first project of SKF in China that received Gold certification under LEED-NC v2009. LEED standards (including LEED commissioning, measurement and verification) are introduced in the schematic design phase; the LEED major categories have been given consideration and full complementation throughout all phases of the project. On July19, 2013, the project achieved LEED Gold certification through collaborative effort of the owner, design institution, contractors and EMSI.


The energy saving of this project is 20%, which benefits from the high-performance building envelope, solar hot water, lighting system and energy-efficient water pump & fan. The project respectively adopted FCU + fresh air & VAV system, high-efficiency heat recovery unit (efficiency: 70%), water-cooled variable speed screw chiller (COP: 6.41) and municipal heat source. CO2 sensor is set in the space with great change in occupant density, and fresh air volume is changed according to the concentration of indoor CO2.


Smoking is strictly forbidden in the plant area. Employees are provided with outdoor smoking section, so as to control the indoor air quality. Rigid pavement of the ground adopts light-colored concrete floor, water permeable bricks and grass planting bricks, which reaches 100% of the rigid pavement area outside to reduce heat island effect.


For water consumption, the project pays attention to the efficiency of landscape water consumption outside and water devices inside. For landscapes, it mainly chooses native plants that do not need to be irrigated after cultivated in the first year (100% domestic water is saved for irrigation). For water devices in the building, it adopts high-efficiency taps, sprinklers, urinals and toilets. It is calculated that about 8,500 tons water is saved every year, with the proportion of 46%.


To better maintain the indoor air quality, the project sets a three-meter-long entrance floor mat at each main entrance and exit, cleaning rooms adopt top through structure and set automatic door closer, and F9 filters are installed in fresh air and return air of air conditioning system.