Tianjin TEDA Plaza

Tianjin TEDA Plaza is located in core area of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area, Binhai New District, this project covers an area of 237,000 m2, with total floor area exceeding 1 million m2. Composed of seven regions and over twenty international grade-A commercial buildings, it is an international compound central business district integrated of office facilities, culture entertainment and related business functions.


Construction of TEDA Plaza was launched in 2008, and it aims to meet the demands of high-end business enterprises (modern finance, consulting services, trade, etc.), such as setting headquarters, renting office space and conducting various commercial activities in Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area. In addition, four 5A international buildings including A1, A2, B1 and B2 are LEED certified.

EMSI provided LEED consulting service for this project and offered professional green strategies listed below:


The landscape planning for the project employs simple and modern landscape design to reflect the central plaza, which not only connects with four office buildings, but also provides foundation and communication platform for serving diversified social activities of the public.


Cold supply system in ice storage region of the project covers a total building area of 510,000 m2 and adopts 258 ICEBANK bucket ice storage equipment with total cold storage capacity of 45,000 tons. It is the largest domestic cold supply project in bucket ice storage region.


It is calculated that TEDA MSD can transfer about 5.48 million KW load of power grid peak every year by adopting ice storage system, which will save RMB 3.77 million expense of air-conditioning operation, respectively reduce coal consumption for generating electricity and exhaust emission by 3,276 tons and 36.03 million m3, to effectively ease the current situation that power supply is insufficient during peak period.


This project uses low-flow appliances and reuses municipal recycled water to flush toilets, washing roads and irrigating landscapes, which can effectively reduce water consumption without influencing tenants’ satisfaction.


Ease Podiums adopt greening louvers to merge with nature to the largest extent. Architectural flexibility is realized by creating urban facade connected with green ground, green corridor and vertical greening, to provide business people a relaxing and comfort environment.