Collecting large amounts of data about a building is easy; making sense out of it is not. We convert building data into actionable information for benchmarking energy performance, identifying energy-saving opportunities, calculating returns on investment, and prioritizing and implementing selected measures.


We look at each building as a complete system and evaluate how each component of that system affects the whole. Our diagnostic testing investigates the dynamic interaction between building system components to uncover wasted energy and operational performance problems. We then evaluate, recommend, and implement selected corrective actions. Not only does this process improve the energy performance of an existing facility, solving these operational problems often resolves occupant comfort issues at the same time, allowing your facility staff to spend more time maintaining, improving, and operating your facility, and less time responding to comfort complaints.


EMSI offers energy system audit and testing services where energy consumption of residences, business, institutions and industrial buildings, which is evaluated for owner, property management, construction, hydropower and energy service companies as well as the government agencies. The energy audit and testing includes HVAC, lighting system, control system, distributed diagnosis of power generating, refrigerating, commercial kitchen equipment and regenerative energy system.


EMSI Energy services include:

Energy Audit & Retro-commissioning

Energy Retrofit

EPC Business