"China Green Building Label" evaluation system is the first informative national standard for green buildings in China, aiming to achieve maximum energy savings in the full life cycle of the buildings, create the green buildings and achieve the objectives of saving energy, land, water and materials, protection of the environment and reducing pollution.


EMSI as the governing unit of Shanghai Green Building Council has the knowledge and expertise in the evaluation standards. Integrating the green building evaluation system with LEED certification, recommendations adapting to the local conditions and complying with the international green building standards are provided to the owners.


EMSI’s global presence and experience makes us adept at working with local more regionalized green building standards. In China, EMSI has also helped clients achieve the national Evaluation Standard for Green Buildings, commonly known as the “Green Label” certification, and we offer a combined LEED™ + Green Label consulting service for multinational companies that want to pursue both systems.


The certification system is available for:

Design Label for public buildings

Operation Label for public buildings

Design Label for residential buildings

Operation Label for residential buildings