EMSI provides evaluation services for many building types, e.g. office, diversified restaurant, retail, school, healthcare facilities, industrial building, laboratory, residence and business building. The evaluation includes the preliminary and comprehensive energy review, diagnostic testing and monitoring, measurement and verification with the energy modeling to solve problems in the performance, operation, maintenance and comfort of the building.


EMSI gained extensive experiences in building analysis, equipment diagnosis, and energy efficient operations. By implementing energy audit, EMSI can help our clients to evaluate saving opportunities, prioritize different solutions, and deliver customized proposal to maximize the Return on Investment. EMSI staff have participated in the diagnosis and evaluation of many projects, including evaluation of operation and energy saving performance, requirement management plan, study of the load for the final use and selection and energy saving certification of HVAC system.


EMSI M&V services include:

Measurement & Verification

Submetering System Diagnosis

Maintenance Service